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The charitable organization “Carmel” was founded on September 8, 2011 at the Barefoot Carmelite Monastery in Berdychiv.

Repair works of premises of the organization.
With the support of the Henri Nouwen Foundation, a pilot project on employment the people with special needs was conducted.

With the support of the Polish Foundation “Pomoc Polakom na Wshodzie”, an office was organized. Thanks to the “Renovabis”, the premises for workshops for young people with special needs and the after-school classes for children were equipped.

Since August 2013, the organization has begun its daily, full-fledged activity in a well-equipped room. Within the framework of the project “Active Youth Club /funding the costs of organizational and software workshops” with the support of the Polish Fund “Pomoc Polakom na Wshodzie”, the necessary equipment for the computer class was purchased.

Published Booklet about the rights for persons with disabilities and their families” within the framework project “Right for everyone. Social and legal assistance for people with disabilities in Berdychiv» supported by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) with the support of the Government of Canada.
Introduction of Physical Therapy for children and youth with motor disorders due to Das Kindermissionswerk ‘Die Sternsinger’ Foundation.